Supreme being soup



Special research activities of me, a physics girl:


Interconnections between Particle Physics and Cosmology

The connection between dark matter and particle physics models

The connections among dark matter, grand unification models

Neutrino physics

Higgs physics


Exotic Atoms

Antihydrogen: CPT and gravity

Leptonic atoms: QED and gravity  

Kaon-nucleon and kaon-nucleus interaction  

Low-energy QCD  

Precision experiments with cold neutrons  

Hadron physics with antiprotons  

Hadron physics at LHC

Philosophy of Science

Ancient Greek Philosophy

Stoicism and Epicureanism


Internalism and externalism

Sources of knowledge and skepticism 


To make all of us understood that everything is linked and connected in this universe, and also beyond this universe, by combining nature, science, philosophy, art, beliefs, physics, metaphysics, whatever 'being'...

I'm writing and doing researches about all for my book, and I will share more soon.

Sinem Salva


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