Holistic Hyper-Human

"Einstein's approach to science:
We might do the mental experiments first, then test against nature, finding what parts of the world we have just found in our minds." wrote Alan Lightman in his book, a Sense of the Mysterious.
He also wrote "Real experiments always have unwanted disturbances, called "noise", that obscure the pure voice underneath...A tiny bit of stray light always confuses a photo-detector.  Real experiments, like our human ears and eyes, are limited to certain frequencies and sizes and sensitivities.
But mental experiments have no such limitations. Mental experiments have the purity of the mathematics underneath", then he is returning Einstein's approach.

Instead of "against nature", I would say "in, side of, one within the other", this is important, because there is no opposition, there is complementary universe.

Then the question is what is real?
If there is no opposition, there is no abstract also, so the real is both abstract and physical because of the complementary.

The concept should fit the word itself, its real meaning, since there is only one meaning.

He is writing also that perhaps the material universe is pure mathematics, an extreme version of Plato's ideal forms, matter is the abstract rules of the game, and perhaps there is no way the universe could have been put together except by pure mathematics...

At some point we come to the invisible elephant in the room, "dark matter". It dominates the gravity of a galaxy, does not emit any light.

At the end he says "I want to be young again."

In words, he says all of the zillions of electrons in the universe are identical... There is only single kind of electron.
Would it be possible that for instance, all humankind, is identical?
What is the difference?

What about Gaia hypothesis ?
I come to this point...

Your mind is clear, purely. The thing is the adaptation of it to the system that you are living in, there is no escape. Unfortunately there is a system, exploits, lies with everything surrounds you, with endless expectations and conditions.

To be hyper-human in this world. Nietzsche said: ""Humane in a world in which humanity has become a sham."

It will be never ended, so just be yourself, your dreams, the hyper-human in you!


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